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Making Extra Money While Working A Full Time Job- Wouldn’t You Like To Know??Wealthy- Affiliate

Everyone wants to know how to make a little extra money while working a full time job. Some people like to work jobs that require labor work and some people like to work jobs that require only the lifting of your fingers.

For me I do both. I work a full time job that requires me to do a lot of labor work. Being an infantryman we do a lot of labor work. Especially when we’re not in the field doing training. We do things from cutting grass to cleaning weapons, or really any kind of details that get passed on to us.

I’ve been seeing a lot of online marketing going on on my Facebook with all these people who just make a bunch of money sitting on their asses. I’m not lazy but I wanted to be a part of those people who make money online while sitting at home chilling with family.

Being in the military could be hard on families especially when it comes time to deploy overseas or even going out to the field for long periods of time. In life we only get one chance to live and I want to live it spending days with my wife and kids.

So back to my story. One day I was online reading a whole bunch of online marketing programs and I couldn’t figure out which one I can trust because there are so many scams going on out there.

I stumbled across a blog from a friend of mine talking about how he makes money online and I was just so amazed that it was my friend writing all about this program.

He told me how it all worked and I knew I could trust him because he was making a living from it. All he does is write about things he loves and stays home with his kids, wife and makes money, that’s everyones dream job!

The program I was introduced to and what I’m about to introduce to you is called Wealthy Affiliate. This is the program I use to help me make money on the side.

How Wealthy Affiliate Works

There are 4 simple steps on how Wealthy Affiliate works:wealthy-affiliate

I know it’s pretty scary to join programs like this where you have to build a website because a lot of people don’t even have a clue how to start one.

Just to clear the air you don’t have to worry because within the Wealthy Affiliate program they will teach you step by step how to create one. You don’t have to be great with computers or anything like that to build a website.

I never took computer classes or typed like the speed of light but I learned how through the program and here I am today sharing with you, and you can do it to!

The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that it’s free to get your business up and going. You will have access to the “Getting Started ” training course, Two websites with hosting, live help and support, and access to thousands of community discussions.WA- Membership

If you ever need help with your site or any questions at all, Wealthy Affiliate has a great community and everyone is helpful.

Choose an InterestInterest- Ideas

When you choose the topic for your website it’s going to be about something you love. For example, you love hiking. That could be the start of your website.

The key to your website is just to have fun with it. I never thought I would even consider writing or having a website to call my own, but it’s amazing and rewarding when you get positive feedback from others. You feel accomplished!

Build A WebsiteWebsite- Design

Within Wealthy Affiliate it is simple to create your very own website, it only takes 30 seconds to build a beautiful, revenue ready website.

I promise you, you will have the step-by-step process to get your website started. I did it and I’m just a regular guy that had no clue how to use a computer and yet alone build my own website.

Getting Rankings and Visitors

Group- People

Before you get to the money making part you have to attract real people to your website. It is important to get people to see your website, because with no people means no business.

The more people that view your website the better it is for your rankings in Google, Bing, and other search engines. You will learn all about how the ranking system works within the program.

Making Moneymoney- money

Once you have traffic (people) on your website, you can start advertising products through programs called “Affiliate Programs” which are also free to join.

You can promote anything and get a profit out of it. There are millions of things you can promote and billions of people out there looking to buy things.

You don’t have to make the product, package it, or ship it and if you send traffic to a company website, you can get up to 75% commission.

Once you understand the process it will all make sense and sooner than you know it you’ll be a full time online marketer getting paid while sitting on your couch.

How Do You Work On Your Website With A Full Time Job

A simple way to put it to you is if your off from your full time job and your on Facebook or Twitter just looking at people’s drama or what they do in their life, then you could be using that time to be working on your website.

Imagine you put all your extra time into your website and you start making enough money to quit your full time job and sit on your couch or toilet and just type away and make a living.

Now that sounds like a great job to me! You can either work two jobs and get double the paycheck like I do or get your business to support you full time. Either one is great!

When you get to that level where you have a steady income through your website, then you could go on Facebook and Twitter and relax and watch everything people post about their life. It’s not going to kill you to take some time out of your day to work on your website.

If your ready to take on your new adventure get started here.Wealthy Affiliate- Get Started

I hope this information helps anyone who is trying to make some extra money and become successful.

Thank You for your time.