Nike Fuelband Fitness Tracker Review- Motivation To Achieve Your Goals

March 14, 2016

Nike- Fuelband


  • Product: Nike Fuelband
  • Style: Athletic
  • Price: $67.89 – $288.66
  • Colors Available: Black/Black, Black/Volt, Black/Pink, Black/Crimson
  • My Rating: 8 out of 10

Finding The Motivation Within…

We know you want to stay fit and active in order to boost your health and burn extra calories that can actually make you fat but you can’t hire the services of a personal trainer owing to your busy schedule but working out without a trainer is quite difficult and boring as you cannot keep a track of how active you have been or how many calories you burnt.

This makes you lose motivation after only a few days and you are back to your sluggish routine but as you know staying active is the key to a healthy life. So we have for you an amazing band that works like a digital trainer and helps increase your fitness levels.

How The Nike Fuelband Fitness Tracker Works

It makes your working out experience quite interesting and interactive by keeping  track of your active hours, steps taken and the number of calories you burned. By analyzing all three of these factors it calculates the amount of fuel you earned.

It keeps on reminding you about how much more active you need to be throughout the day after you have set an achievable target for yourself. Thus, it pushes you into being more active by giving you timely reminders and awarding you with trophies to celebrate your success in meeting your targets.

In order to access it on your phone and stay connected with it while your phone is in use, you need to download the Nike application on your phone. Then, make a personalized account in order to transfer every piece of information the band holds in your phone.

You can also connect with your friends who possess this band through your phone and make group targets to be achieved simultaneously so that you can stay fit and healthy together. This will also help motivate you as you will be competing with a friend and I’m sure that you would not accept defeat.

Nike Fuelband Features

The band is available in three different sizes ranging between small which has a diameter of 5.79 inches to the extra large size of about 7.76 inches.

Thus, it has been designed to fit your wrist and you do not have to worry about it being too tight or too loose, so that it’s always in your hand to calculate the amount of fuel you earned.

However, if it is still not fitting your wrist accurately it also has two additional easy to insert links that help you to get a perfect and fine-tuned fit which is necessary for wearing it on your wrist all the time without being irritated.

The package also includes a USB charging cable and sizing tool so that you can easily charge it anywhere and anytime without any kind of hassle.

It also has another very useful feature which is the inclusion of a light sensor which detects environmental lights and adjusts accordingly so you are able to view its display screen all the time whether it’s too dark or too bright without having to alter brightness settings.

Lastly, it also allows Bluetooth sharing with smartphones which help you to easily transfer all your data to your phone with ease.

I really hope this review was of some help and if you have any questions or comments about the Nike Fuelband, please feel free to leave them below.

Let me know what you think of the Nike Fuelband.

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